Dan Andreiu


                      I might be a ..., but I am not Superman

JUNE 21, 2012 Chico, California.

                        Dan will make an investment presentation. His company New Age Hygienic Systems, Inc. is the finalist of Sierra Nevada Innovative Challenge http://www.innovate-northstate.com/innovation-challenge/the-finalists/


JUNE 27, 2012 New York, New York.


                            Dan will make an investment presentation at 2012 New York Venture Summit in Manhattan at Digital Sandbox: http://www.youngstartup.com/newyork2012/overview.php

August 8, 2012 World Wide Web

An article about Dan’s invention came out in ENVIROTHINK  http://envirothink.wordpress.com/2012/08/08/auto-toilet-could-save-water-by-the-millions/